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Antibiotics tend to kill off the good flora in the body,along with the undesirable bacteria,and should be avoided whenever an effective substitute can be found.But there are certainly times when better to take an antibiotics than suffer the consequences of a severe illness.Some antibiotics affect the fetus more than others.
For example,although PENICILIN does cross the placenta readily,it cause no apparent damage to the fetus.TETRACYCLINE,however is specific antibiotic which should not be taken after the first four months of pregnancy because it can darken the baby's teeth and delay bone growth .STREPTOMYCIN has been known to cause deafness in the baby.
When taking TETRACYCLINE ANTIBIOTICS (these include tetracycline,terramycin,tetrex,sumycin,randomycin,,robitet,retet,qidtet,panamycin,mysteclin-F,declomycin,cyclopar,aureomycin,achrostatin,and achromycin)you should know it will kill off lots of good bacteria in your gut and will probably give you a stomach ache.With this antibiotic,do not take yogurt or other foods high calcium,within one hour before,during,or for two hours after taking tetracycline,because high calcium levels will drastically cut down on the effectiveness of tetracycline.
Antacids such as Alka-Seltzer and Tums should also be avoided because they can block the absorption of tetracycline and inhibit its effectiveness.WAIT untill you have finished taking the complete dosage and than you can begin a couple of table spoon of yogurt three times a day or take an acidophilus tablet before meals,and eat foods in high calcium,tp help reestablish the beneficial bacteria.Never eat bacon,or meats cured with nitrities while taking Terramycin,because this has caused camcer in rats.It is now believed that substances which cause cancer can also cause mutation...

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