Saturday, September 20, 2008


On some occasion you've probably heard someone say somehting like, "Its nonsense to think that you can make mountain move away just by saying "mountain move away"."Its simply impossible."

People who think this way have belief confused with wishful thinking.And true enough,you can't wish away a mountain.You can't wish yourself into an executive suite,nor you can wish yourself into a 5 bedroom,three bath house or the high-income brackets;

But you can move a mountain with belief.You can win success by bbelieving that you can succeed.There is nothing magical nor mystical about the power of belief.

Belief works this way.Belief,the "I'm positive-I can"attiude,generate the power,skill and energy needed to do.When you believe I-can-do-it,the how- to- do -it develops.Belief,strong belief,triggers the mind to figuring ways and means how to do.And believing you can suceed makes others place confidence in you.
Most people do not put much stock in belief.But some,the resident of Successfulville,USA do!Just a few week ago,a friend who is an official with a state highway department in a Midwestern state related a 'mountain moving 'experience to me.
"Last month ,"my friend began,"our department sent notices to a number of engineering companies that we were authorized to retain some firm to design eight bridges as part of our highway building program.The bridges were to built at a costof $5000 000.The engineering firm selected would get a 4 per cent comission,or $200 000,for its design work.
"I talked with 21 engineering firms about this.The four largest decided right away to submit proposals.The other 17 companies were small,having only 3 to 7 engineers each.The size of the project scared off 16 of these 17.They went over project,shook their heads and said in effect, "Its too big for us .I widh I thought we could handle it,but it's no use even trying."
But one of these small firms,a company with only three engineers,studied the plan and said, "We can do it.We'll submit a proposal."They did.and they get the job....BELIEF TRIGGER POWER TO DO!
Belief that cancer can be cured will ultimately produce for cancer.
Belief in great results is the driving force,the power behind all great books,plays,scientific discoveries.Belief in success is behind every successful business,political organization and everything that you can dream.Belief in success is the one basic,absolutely essential ingredient in successful people.
Over the years I've talked with many people who have failed in business ventures and in various careers.I've heard a lot of reasons and excuses for failure.Something especilally significant unfold as conversations with failures develop.In a casual sort of way the failure drops a remark like "To tell you the truth,I didn't think it ewould work" or "I had my misgiving before I even started out" or 'Actually,I wasn't too surprised that it didn't work out".
The "okay-I'll-give-it-a-try-but-i dont-think-it will-work"attiude produce failures
Disbeliefe is negative powerWhen the mind disbelieves or doubts,the mind attract "reasons" to support the disbelief.Doubt,disbelief,the subconscious will to fail,the not really wanting to suceed ,is responsible for most failures .
Think doubt and fail.
Think victory and succeed .

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