Saturday, September 20, 2008

story about Harry

Several years ago I witnessed an exeptionally impressive sales meeting.The vice president in charge of marketing for this company was tremendously exited.He wanted to drive home a point.He had with him on the platform the leading representative in the organization,a very ordinary looking fellow,who earned in the year just ended just a little under $60 000.The earnings of other representatives averaged $12 000.
The executive challenged the group.Here is what he said."I want you to take a good look at Harry.Look at him!Now what's Harry got that the rest of you haven't?Harry earned five time the average but is Harry five time smarter?No,not according to our personnel test.I checked.They show him average in that department."
" And did Harry work five time harder tha you fellows?No,not according to the reports.In fact he took more time off than most of you."
"Did Harry have a better territory?Again i've got to say no.The accounts averaged about the same.Did Harry have more education?Better health?Again no.Harry is about average as an average guy could be exept for one thing."
"The difference between Harry and the rest of you is that Harry thought five times bigger."Said the vice-president.
Then,the executive proceedrd to show that success is determined not so much by the size of one's brain as it is by the sizes of ones's thinking.

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