Saturday, September 20, 2008

the story of haji abdul wahab saab

Assalamualaykum,Just thought that it would be good to hear other peoples stories about the sacrifices of our elders in the present age, which has caused Almighty Allah's help to come with them so that it may inspire me and others to strive out in the path of Allah and make sacrifices in deen for the pleasure of Allah. This sprung up in my mind as i heard a few things mentioned by a moulana in London when i was out in the path of Allah where he mentioned the story of haji abdul wahab saab from nizammudin (india) and his jamaat in africa. It goes something like this...They were tashkeeled to many countries in africa, one being uganda when the jamat were closeby to a jungle, the ameer saab of the jamaat told the sathees that they will be going through the jungle for dawah (calling towards Allah), many of them felt that they should not go as it could be dangerous, however they decided to go. Even before they planned to go through the jungle, they were informed by the government that they should not go, but the ameer saab said that they should go, whilst they were in the jungle, video cameras placed in different areas of the jungle showed that whilst the jamaat was sleeping underneath the trees the lions and other beasts in the jungle were kissing them on the face, because of this many people embraced islam there after seeing the video.Other points mentinoed were sacrifices made by elders here in england by hafiz patel saab, in the 50's and 60's where there were very few mosques in england, and the jamaats had to sleep in freezing cold conditions outside and in telephone boxes.Sorry for being too vague, i tried to explain to the best of my ability but could not explain the points well as i do not know much urdu, and i heard these stories in urdu.

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